What is UVPrinting?

UV printing is a unique method of digital printing utilising ultraviolet (UV) light to dry or cure ink, adhesives or coatings almost as soon as it’s hit the paper, or aluminium, foam board or acrylic – in fact, as long as it fits in the printer, the technique can be used to print on almost anything.


Not only does the method speed up production – meaning more is done in less time – rejection rates are reduced as the quality is higher.

Wet droplets of ink are eliminated, so there is no rubbing off or smudging, and as the drying is almost immediate, there is no evaporation and therefore no loss of coating thickness or volume.

Finer details possible, and colours are sharper and more vivid as there is no absorption on to the printing medium.

Choosing UV printing over traditional printing methods could be the difference between producing a luxury product, and something that feels much less superior.



Rigorous, widely recognised accreditation


Uvijet inks
Safety certification for our high-performance UV inks


Capital Printers Uv inks meet some of the most stringent product emissions standards in the world, making them an exceptionally

safe, high-quality UV ink suitable for a vast array of industries and uses.

What are theEnvironmental Benefitsof Printing With UV Ink?

Now that green printing is becoming a bigger issue in the printing industry, you should see what ultraviolet (UV) technology is doing.


UV allows green printers to use ink without toxins, unlike solvent-based ink. Because there are no solvents, UV inks can be successfully applied to both flexible and hard surfaces. As a result, more equipment manufacturers are introducing inkjet printers that use UV inks. Finally, because they’re UV inks, they’re actually weather resistant, which makes them ideal for long term outdoor use, unlike some vinyls and laminates.


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